This project offers gratitude and support to the many Canadian Armed Forces Men and Women around the world who wear the Maple Leaf, not only on their shoulder, but also in their hearts. As a country, we are often pulled together by events that bring us pride in accomplishment. We are a country that respects human freedoms and dignity. One of our country's distinctions is that we are known as Peacekeepers.  
A project to say "Thanks to Canadian Armed Forces Men and Women" serving on peacekeeping missions around the world.

2015 is our 11th year! Thank You all for continuing to support our amazing men and women in uniform
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We are very proud of the contribution and sacrifice our men and women make on Peacekeeping and Active Missions, they give a gold medal performance everyday for us. These missions define a part of all of us and what Canada stands for, but we seldom know how to say Thank You to the Canadians out there doing this amazing work.
This project focuses on just that, finding a simple way to say Thank You at a very personal level with every man and women on a Peacekeeping mission.

Our way to say thanks involves making pens. Many supporters have been making and sending home made pens from their shops to Peacekeepers, each with a letter wrapped around the pen saying Thanks and telling the person how proud we are of the work they do.

The responses we have received from men and women in the Forces has been uplifting and truly inspiring. These men and women are so grateful to receive an unexpected gift of gratitude, they are also filled with pride in the work they do and honour in the service of our great country.

Come on CANADA, it's time to say thanks to these Great Canadians!

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